Mirko Hu!

Hi, Nedoers,

it has been a long week indeed! First we started with the thesis defences of Giacomo, Jeroen and Federica congrats! Moreover, a special mention to Jerry and Fede for the presence of the Nedo Can in their presentation. Nedo invites you to send us the pdf in order to be mentioned on the official website.

The day after, we continued with the great workshop organised by Tiziano (good job indeed!). Another special mention to Jerry for being present, awake and, at least apparently, sober after the Ph.D. party.

Finally arriving to the point, on the 29th of March (the date changed, see the calendar!), we have a new Nedo event: Mirko Hu is going to give the seminar Modeling and control of the gut microbiota: a multi-layer network approach. Here is the abstract:

The gut microbiota has a fundamental role in human health. The commensal microbes that live inside the human body are important both for the healthy functioning of the host and to avoid specific diseases and disorders, such as Chron’s disease, obesity, or autism. Thanks to the high-throughput techniques (omics), we have now a huge quantity of data associated to genes and their products and they, in turn, can be transformed into useful information for a more holistic approach in healthcare (systems medicine). Associating microbes, genes and genes’ products to diseases and disorders using multilayer networks, we could tackle the problems of drugs formulation or maintenance of homeostasis as a control problem applied to biological multilayer networks. In this review, we will provide examples of works where networks were applied to systems medicine or systems biology and we will present the state-of-art of the control theory applied to networks.

Stay tuNEDO!

p.s. I am not sure it will work (in case it won’t, write me/knock at Fabio’s door), here you have the link to Nedo calendar, with the Nedo seminars and the deadlines of the conferences cited in the previous post.

For A Few Conferences More


Nedo meets a colleague in a summer school

Hi, guys,

Nedo is still silent, but not for long. Even if it is going to be more “formal”, next week we are going to have a network workshop, more details are going to appear soon. In the meanwhile, Nedo continues advertising conferences:



CBNA Summer School in Social Network analysis 2019: Greenwich, June 3-14

Complexity72h, Lucca, of course 🙂 17-21 June

Lipari School on Computational Complex and Social Systems 2019:  July 19-25

Advances in Complex Systems: From Ecology to Economics 2019: Lake Como School of Advanced Studies, July 22-26

Mediterranean School of Complex Networks: August 31- September 6

CCS 2019, Singapore: September 30-October 4

Have fun and stay tuNEDO!

Conference advertisement!

Dear Nedoers,

the Nedo fire rests under the ashes, but it will come up again soon. Not as Nedo, but as a huge list of (more formal) seminars by the Networks group. As always, stay tuNEDO!

In the meantime, Nedo advertises the first Regional Conference in Complex Systems in Trento. Here you can find the official website: as you can see there are really nice invited speakers.

Stay tuNEDO for the next events,


Juan Ignacio Perotti @IMT

It is a great pleasure for the Nedo board to announce the following talk.

Juan Ignacio Perotti, formerly on board on the NETWORKS unit, is presenting the talk “Thermodynamics of the Minimum Description Length on Community Detection“, tomorrow, 2nd of October at 18 in classroom 1.

Abstract: In this talk I will introduce the Boltzmannian MDL (BMDL), a framework we have developed for statistical modeling [1]. Firstly, I will present the concept of universal codes and how they are related to different frameworks for statistical modeling. In particular, I will introduce the Refined MDL (RMDL), which is the “most effective” universal code, and which is the basis from where we develop ours [2]. Secondly, I will introduce the BMDL and how it should be used for model selection. Thirdly, I will reintroduce the BMLD; this time to address the statistical significance of the model selections. Fourthly and finally, I will show and example of its application on the problem of community detection in complex networks [3]. In particular, I will show how we can derive from the BMDL: i) Girvan-Newman modularity [4] and ii) Zhang-Moore method and criteria for community detection [5].

[1] Thermodynamics of the Minimum Description Length on Community Detection,
J.I. Perotti, C.J. Tessone, A. Clauset, G. Caldarelli (2018)
[2] The minimum description length principle,
P.D. Grünwald, MIT press (2007)
[3] Community detection in graphs,
S. Fortunato, Phys. Rep. 486, 75–174 (2010)
[4] Finding and evaluating community structure in networks,
M.E.J. Newman, M. Girvan, Phys Rev E 69, 026113 (2004)
[5] Scalable detection of statistically significant communities and hierarchies, using message passing for modularity,
P. Zhang and C. Moore, PNAS 111 (51) (2014)

BTW, Juan is the cousin of Diego Perotti, player of AS Roma.


Stay tuNED(O) for updates!

2 of 2: the Nedo champion is here to stay

At CCS 2018 in Thessaloniki, the IMT troop observed a rare bold demonstration of power. Already being the champion in charge, after challenging her mentor Tiziano in IMT, during the Complexity72h, Federica demonstrated that the Nedo champion is here to stay. In her first contribution at the conference, she showed a slide with the Nedo can.


Actually, there is no reason for the Nedo can to appear in this slide. That’s the difference between a good player and a prodigy.

Not satisfied for being confirmed as the Nedo champion, she decide to reiterate her position the following day.


If Nedo can had no sense to be there yesterday, today it is ok too!

With the result of this morning, she scored the longest series of confirmations in the history of the Nedo award. Challengers are warned.

«What are 13 Champions Leagues, if you don’t have a Nedo award?»
Florentino Peréz (president of Real Madrid)

(special thanks to Giacomo for the photos)

A great day for Nedo Award

It is a big pleasure for Nedo to announce a great activity on Nedo award: during the Complexity 72h, held in IMT two great events happens. First, Tiziano, as part of the organisation,  presented himself with this slide which is a sort of meta-Nedo: a shot of himself presenting a slide with the Nedo can (this one).


You probably cannot see it: Tiziano presenting a slide with Tiziano presenting a slide with Nedo.

Then, the disciple overcame the teacher: few minutes later Federica Parisi (the actual owner of the award) presented the following slide:


It’s small, but it’s there!

So, congratulations to the new holder of the Nedo Award!

Kids’ time: baptism by fire of the newcomers, AGAIN!

Dear Nedoers,

Nedo strikes back!

After several reorganizations, we will finally have the baptism by fire of the newcomers: Matteo Bruno, Mirko Hu, Emiliano Marchese, Matteo Serafino will have a Nedo on 5th December at 17.30 (we had to postpone it!), a quarter of hour each. The seminars will take place in the Classroom 1.

For the speakers: check the rules of Nedo seminars and remember, NO SLIDES!

Stay tuNED(o)!