Tommaso Gili’s seminar

Dear Nedoers, the sooper-hip seminar of Tommaso Gili is is coming, “Brain, Behavior and Complex Networks”.
The seminar is going to be held  in classroom 2 at 17, next 1st of December. Stay tuned!b9077397c298e6a9f1c6a35ce10172b3

In any case, I’m pretty sure Tommaso is not a zombie, so you can bring your own brain safely, it is going to be welcome.

Kids time: Mika J. Straka’s seminar!

Let the children come to me.

In our intention, NEDO should be an opportunity to share ideas on the current research, discuss different points of view and, above all, a training ground for speakers: Nedoers are given the possibility to rehearse their talks with a friendly (and beers addicted) audience which provides feedbacks and suggestions, in order to be prepared to face bigger (and less friendly) audience at workshops and conferences. In this sense, we suggest PhD students to participate as speakers and as audience to experience both sides of the camp.

Following this line, after quite a long pause, NEDO comes back stronger than before with our Mika proposing us the results of his last endeavour, “Inferring monopartite wares relations in Economic Complexity: an entropy-based approach”. The seminar is going to be held in classroom 2 on the 23rd of November at 17.

Call for the Nedo Award

You can be NEDO, just for one day.
–David Bowie

Nedo is proud to announce the creation of the “NEDO Award”!

The first (non NEDO) seminar in which the NEDO can (which can be copied and pasted from the image below) appears in a slide, gets the award. As a heavyweight title, as soon as a new seminar presents the NEDO can, the title goes to the new speaker, as well as the prize. Of course, a slide cannot be used twice in order to get the Nedo Award back.
In order to have the prize (a copy of the original NEDO can) a photo (which is going to be published on this website) have to witness NEDO presence.


Ok, both the photo and the can could be better,
soon* something more beautiful will appear.

* Compared to the life of the Universe, i.e. ~14 billion years.

Rossana on top of CCS’16

When I prepare a seminar, […] I always think about NEDO.
–Rossana Mastrandrea (acceptance speech for the CMPLXSSTMS award)


NEDO is very proud to greet Rossana for the award won for the best presentation at CCS’16 in Amsterdam!  More photos can be found here.

Anyway, Ross have not offer yet any drinks to her colleagues to celebrate the award and it usually brings bad luck…

Paolo Barucca’s abstract



With Marco Bardoscia, Fabio Caccioli, Marco D’Errico, Gabriele Visentin, Stefano Battiston, and Guido Caldarelli

Abstract: We introduce a network valuation model (hereafter NEVA) for the ex-ante valuation of claims among financial institutions connected in a network of liabilities. Similar to previous work, the new framework allows to endogenously determine the recovery rate on all claims upon the default of some institutions. In addition, it also allows to account for ex-ante uncertainty on the asset values, in particular the one arising when the valuation is carried out at some time before the maturity of the claims. The framework encompasses as special cases both the ex-post approaches of Eisenberg and Noe and its previous extensions, as well as the ex-ante approaches, in the sense that each of these models can be recovered exactly for special values of the parameters. We characterize the existence and uniqueness of the solutions of the valuation problem under general conditions on how the value of each claim depends on the equity of the counterparty. Further, we define an algorithm to carry out the network valuation and we provide sufficient conditions for convergence to the maximal solution.

Nedo’s new website

Ok, guys, NEDO’s back in town for the 2nd season with a brand new website!
In order to begin the new season on the good foot, a special speaker is coming:
Paolo Barucca, LIMS, London on 12th October. Stay tuned!

Just to remember: the subject of the seminar is completely free of constraints, but the speaker have to use just  blackboard and chalks.

Stay hungry, stay NEDO
Steve Jobs