Manlio De Domenico@IMT

ear Nedoers,
Nedo never sleeps and comes back in the new year with a sooper-special event: Manlio De Domenico (Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona, Spain) is going to present his seminar “Multilayer Network Maps of Functional Human Brain” (sorry for previous wrong titles). Here is the abstract:

Understanding how the human brain is structured, and how its architecture is related to the function, is of paramount importance for a variety of applications, including, but not limited to, new ways to prevent, deal with and cure brain diseases, such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s, and psychiatric disorders, such as Schizophrenia. The recent advances in structural and functional neuroimaging, together with the increasing attitude to interdisciplinary approaches involving computer science, mathematics and physics, are fostering interesting results from computational neuroscience, that are quite often based on the analysis of complex network representation of human brain. In the last years, this representation experienced a theoretical and computational revolution that are breaching neuroscience, allowing to cope with the increasing complexity of human brain across multiple scales and in multiple dimensions, and to model structural and functional connectivity from new perspectives, often combined with each other.
In this talk we will discuss about one recently proposed approach, based on frequency decomposition, to represent the functional human brain as a multilayer network. We will briefly introduce the theoretical and computational tools required to analyze multilayer functional networks and we will show how this novel framework allows to distinguish between healthy and schizophrenic populations, achieving higher accuracy than conventional network approaches in clinical applications.

The seminar is going to be held in classroom 1 at 14 on the 31st of January, stay tuNEDO!

Honorable mention for Nedo Award: Mika J. Straka

Nedo is glad to mention Mika for its struggle for presenting Nedo at Complex Networks 2016 in Milan. Due to a technical problem, his slides were downgraded to a previous version and the correct one was not displayed. So, he formally cannot be awarded as the actual winner, but his effort deserve to be mentioned.


Due to the lack of many Nedo cans, Mika decided to photoshop himself with the Nedo can

Tommaso Gili’s seminar

Dear Nedoers, the sooper-hip seminar of Tommaso Gili is is coming, “Brain, Behavior and Complex Networks”.
The seminar is going to be held  in classroom 2 at 17, next 1st of December. Stay tuned!b9077397c298e6a9f1c6a35ce10172b3

In any case, I’m pretty sure Tommaso is not a zombie, so you can bring your own brain safely, it is going to be welcome.

Kids time: Mika J. Straka’s seminar!

Let the children come to me.

In our intention, NEDO should be an opportunity to share ideas on the current research, discuss different points of view and, above all, a training ground for speakers: Nedoers are given the possibility to rehearse their talks with a friendly (and beers addicted) audience which provides feedbacks and suggestions, in order to be prepared to face bigger (and less friendly) audience at workshops and conferences. In this sense, we suggest PhD students to participate as speakers and as audience to experience both sides of the camp.

Following this line, after quite a long pause, NEDO comes back stronger than before with our Mika proposing us the results of his last endeavour, “Inferring monopartite wares relations in Economic Complexity: an entropy-based approach”. The seminar is going to be held in classroom 2 on the 23rd of November at 17.