Nedo Award


Nedo Award is the Official Award of Nedo Journal Club.

The first (non NEDO) seminar in which
the NEDO can
(which can be copied and pasted from the official call)
appears in a slide, gets the award.

As a heavyweight title,
as soon as a new seminar presents the NEDO can,
the title goes to the new speaker,
as well as the prize.

A slide cannot be used twice in order to get the Nedo Award back.

In order to have the prize
(a copy of the original NEDO can)
a photo
(which is going to be published on this website)
have to witness NEDO presence.

Here you can find the official call as well as the posts celebrating the winners.

Hall of Fame:

  1. Tiziano Squartini,
    King’s College, London, Conference on GSS & Policy, 27th November 2016
  2. Fabio Saracco,
    Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa, Festival Nazionale della Robotica, 8th September 2017
  3. Fabio Saracco,
    Cancun, CCS 2017, 18th September 2017
  4. Mika Julian Straka,
    IMT School (thesis defence), 28th March 2018
  5. Tiziano Squartini,
    IMT School, Complexity 72h , 7th May 2018
  6. Federica Parisi,
    IMT School, Complexity 72h , 7th May 2018
    (almost 15 minutes later)
  7. Federica Parisi,
    Thessaloniki, CCS 2018, 24th September 2018
  8. Federica Parisi,
    Thessaloniki, CCS 2018, 25th September 2018
  9. Matteo Bruno,
    IMT School, TOFFEe Workshop #1, 24th October 2019
  10. Marinella Petrocchi,
    Doha (Qatar), SocInfo 2019, 20th November 2019
  11. Tommaso Gili
    Online, APS March Meeting 2021, 18th March 2021

Honorable mentions:

  1. Mika J. Straka, Complex Networks 2016, Milan
  2.  Giulio Cimini, CCS 2017, Cancun
  3. Matteo Serafino, NetSciX 2020, Tokyo