What’s NEDO?

NEDO (NEtwork Discussions On…) is the official Networks Unit journal club.

How does it work?
During the seminar of NEDO, the speaker (from the Networks Unit or a friend)  reviews a paper with the only constraints of not using a laptop (fancy presentations and stuff like that are explicitly prohibited).

Just chalk and blackboard, as when everything was “unplugged”.
Beers are going to help the audience, as well as the speaker.

Nedo is a good opportunity to test your seminar and face all possible issues that a (beers addicted) audience may rise: use it as a rehearsal for your talk and Nedo will permit you to improve before the official seminar. Furthermore, avoiding slides permits you to focus more on the best words to deliver your message, fancy presentation are much easier to decide.

But that’s not all: in Nedo you can get some good ideas from the audience or discover what your colleagues work on.

But Nedo is not just seminars…
A relaxed atmosphere like the one having a happy hour together (beers are always present during a Nedo seminar) is the perfect one in order to make people meet in the most friendly mood. In fact, Nedo is also a break from usual work.

Nedo is also funny things to do together: for instance, we instituted the really appreciated Nedo award, as well as the photo gallery “Nedo around the world”, just to fool a little bit.

Just for IMT Networks Unit?
Of course, not at all! Researchers from other units are welcome, as well as students.
In fact, we recommend Nedo for students since it is an optimal way of understanding what is people from IMT working on, which is the state of the art of the research and how to give a seminar. For these reasons (and for the beers), we suggest students to take part to the journal club not only as audience, but as speakers too.

We hope you’ll enjoy NEDO, follow Nedo before Nedo follows you and stay tuned for the next seminar!

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