Dear Nedoers,

I hope to find you well 🙂 April is going to be full of new seminars: next Friday 9th we are going to have Chiara Poletto, on the 16th we are going to have Miguel Muñoz (more details to come) and on the 22nd we are going to have Subodh P. Patil from the Instituut-Lorentz for Theoretical Physics of Leiden with the seminar “Random Networks and Geometries in Physics“.

Abstract: Physicists have long speculated that spacetime at the very shortest scales may not be a continuum. I will attempt to provide an accessible overview of various attempt to construct spacetime geometries from first principles that draw upon, or are adjacent to ideas in network theory. This talk assumes no prior knowledge beyond the basics of network theory (although some knowledge of the basics of information theory will help for context), and will culminate in a review of the recent preprint “The birth of geometry in exponential random graphs”

The seminar is going to be on Google Meet at

Stay tuNedo and safe,