Dear Nedoers,

TOFFEe (TOols for Fighting FakEs) is a IMT PAI (Progetto di Attività Integrata, integrated research activity project), leaded by prof. Rocco De Nicola and including prof. Guido Caldarelli, prof. Irene Crimaldi, dr. Fabio Saracco and dr. Marinella Petrocchi (IIT, CNR, Pisa).

The TOFFEe crew is proud to invite the whole IMT community (but, above all, the Nedoers) to its first kick-off workshop, that will take place on Wednesday April 17 at 2 pm in the Cappella Guinigi.

The ambition of TOFFEe is to overcome important limitations of existing social platforms, which often dedicate little attention to trustworthy interaction among peers and to reliability of information. The aim of the project is to increase people’s confidence on the data they get and about who they follow, while minimizing the risk of false information and malicious actions.

TOFFEe will build on expertises in Computer Science for studying the effective paths of data over the net and their sources, Network Science for studying social connections, Sociology and Psychology for studying the dynamics leading to trust fakes, Probability and Statistics for analyzing the widespread of the fakes and their impact. Given the multidisciplinary nature of the proposal, many of the expertises present in the IMT School, well beyond the list of proposers, will be involved.

The (tentative) program has already changed since the official mail:

14:30 Rocco De Nicola, Guido Caldarelli (IMT School): Introduction 
15:10 Andrea Nicolai, Simona De Rosa (T6Ecosystems): SOMA: the European social Media Observatory on disinformation: strategies and plans to tackle fake news 
15:30 Break
15:40 Stefano Cresci (IIT, CNR, Pisa): Spotting content-polluting botnets in Twitter
16:00 Marinella Petrocchi (IIT, CNR): Better Safe Than Sorry: an Adversarial Approach to improve Social Bot Detection
16:20 Toffee Break
16:40 Alessandro Balestrucci (GSSI School of Advanced Studies, L’Aquila): The target audience of misinformation: Credulous human users
17:00 Carolina Becatti (IMT School): Collaboration and followership: a stochastic model for activities in social networks
17:20 Fabio Saracco (IMT School): The backbone of news consumption on social networks and the political debate on Twitter 
17:40 Rocco De Nicola (IMT School): Conclusions and farewell


You are welcome to participate, whether you are interested or not.


Cheers and stay tuNEDO,

The TOFFEe logo is indeed pretty cool.