Hi, Nedoers,

it has been a long week indeed! First we started with the thesis defences of Giacomo, Jeroen and Federica congrats! Moreover, a special mention to Jerry and Fede for the presence of the Nedo Can in their presentation. Nedo invites you to send us the pdf in order to be mentioned on the official website.

The day after, we continued with the great workshop organised by Tiziano (good job indeed!). Another special mention to Jerry for being present, awake and, at least apparently, sober after the Ph.D. party.

Finally arriving to the point, on the 29th of March (the date changed, see the calendar!), we have a new Nedo event: Mirko Hu is going to give the seminar Modeling and control of the gut microbiota: a multi-layer network approach. Here is the abstract:

The gut microbiota has a fundamental role in human health. The commensal microbes that live inside the human body are important both for the healthy functioning of the host and to avoid specific diseases and disorders, such as Chron’s disease, obesity, or autism. Thanks to the high-throughput techniques (omics), we have now a huge quantity of data associated to genes and their products and they, in turn, can be transformed into useful information for a more holistic approach in healthcare (systems medicine). Associating microbes, genes and genes’ products to diseases and disorders using multilayer networks, we could tackle the problems of drugs formulation or maintenance of homeostasis as a control problem applied to biological multilayer networks. In this review, we will provide examples of works where networks were applied to systems medicine or systems biology and we will present the state-of-art of the control theory applied to networks.

Stay tuNEDO!

p.s. I am not sure it will work (in case it won’t, write me/knock at Fabio’s door), here you have the link to Nedo calendar, with the Nedo seminars and the deadlines of the conferences cited in the previous post.