At CCS 2018 in Thessaloniki, the IMT troop observed a rare bold demonstration of power. Already being the champion in charge, after challenging her mentor Tiziano in IMT, during the Complexity72h, Federica demonstrated that the Nedo champion is here to stay. In her first contribution at the conference, she showed a slide with the Nedo can.


Actually, there is no reason for the Nedo can to appear in this slide. That’s the difference between a good player and a prodigy.

Not satisfied for being confirmed as the Nedo champion, she decide to reiterate her position the following day.


If Nedo can had no sense to be there yesterday, today it is ok too!

With the result of this morning, she scored the longest series of confirmations in the history of the Nedo award. Challengers are warned.

«What are 13 Champions Leagues, if you don’t have a Nedo award?»
Florentino Peréz (president of Real Madrid)

(special thanks to Giacomo for the photos)