You can be NEDO, just for one day.
–David Bowie

Nedo is proud to announce the creation of the “NEDO Award”!

The first (non NEDO) seminar in which the NEDO can (which can be copied and pasted from the image below) appears in a slide, gets the award. As a heavyweight title, as soon as a new seminar presents the NEDO can, the title goes to the new speaker, as well as the prize. Of course, a slide cannot be used twice in order to get the Nedo Award back.
In order to have the prize (a copy of the original NEDO can) a photo (which is going to be published on this website) have to witness NEDO presence.


Ok, both the photo and the can could be better,
soon* something more beautiful will appear.

* Compared to the life of the Universe, i.e. ~14 billion years.